Hot Towel Shaves

Before your shave starts, your barber will provide a process of consultation and analysis - understanding your current shaving regime, whilst examining the direction of hair growth, density of stubble, and skin sensitivity. Once discussed and clarified, your luxurious shave experience will begin.

Pre-Shave: Your face will be prepared with a pre-shave oil to soften hairs, prepare your skin for shaving and create an extra barrier for protecting the skin.

Shave: A lather of shave cream is applied before you barber will place the first of two applied 'lavender oil' infused hot-towels are placed to allow the pores to open and the cream to soak in while also encouraging the side effect of relaxation. Once the towel has been removed, a second generous coat of shaving cream is applied and your shave can begin. Adjusting for your skin sensitivity and frequency of previous shaves we will usually apply two full passes followed by an invigorating peppermint oil infused ice-cold towel to lock in moisture and tighten the pores.

Post-Shave: Following the shave, your barber will apply a post-shave balm to start healing the skin, with its antiseptic properties it will help to cool the skin after shaving. To complete the shave experience, your barber will apply a cooling moisturiser to reduce redness and irritation and leave your skin soft and supple.

Note: Unless otherwise requested we will use feather pro-artist straight edge razors and feather professional blades. On request, we can use an Edwin Jagger double edge safety razor with feather blades.