Cutting Hair

Before cutting begins, your barber will listen to the expectations you have of your finished cut before consulting and confirming if those expectations are realistic (we will always aim to ensure your wishes are listened to). If for any reason your barber feels the cut is not achievable (i.e. your hair type or hair density is not suitable to the look you're aiming to achieve), we'd rather tell you before we start cutting rather than disappoint afterwards and thus giving you the choice of how best to proceed.


As we run a booking system, we aim to have an empty chair and a warm welcome waiting for you as you walk in. We have no set 'styles or genres' we work within but freely admit that we do love to work the classic cuts and modern interpretations of them.


Please note: We don't shave patterns into hair, apply perms or use colours (for no reason other than it's not something we've ever done and therefore at present have no experience of doing them).